Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India

Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India

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Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India

Itraconazole capsules are commonly used to treat fungal infections, and toenail infections caused by the caused by the fungus Trichophyton rubrum or T. mentagrophytes. There are many Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India. Several different companies formulate these capsules in the form of tablets, capsules, gels, liquids, ointments, and much more. Along with this, all these anti-fungal Capsule Brands are highly recommended by the best doctors and dermatologists.

List of the Best Itraconazole Capsule Brand Names in India

Itraconazole is a medicine that fights fungus and is used to treat different types of fungal infections. Many different pharmaceutical companies become the Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India. These medicines come in different strengths like 100mg and 200mg and are made by well-known pharma companies. The cost of itraconazole capsules can be different based on the brand and where you buy them from.

Yodley Lifesciences


Yodley Lifesciences is a prominent name in the pharma industry that provides a different range of medicines such as anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamines, and more. It is an ISO-certified pharma company and follows strict quality control parameters to make the medicines efficient and safe. This company offers the Itraconazole Capsule with the brand UTRACO-100 Capsules and UTRACO-200 Capsules that are manufactured by following strict quality control standards and available at the best prices. Here are the different benefits of the anti-fungal Itraconazole capsule:

  • It is useful in the treatment of fungal infection
  • It treats the infections of the mouth and vagina
  • It stops the growth of the fungi by killing them.

Gnova Biotech


Gnova Biotech is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of generic drugs, including Itraconazole Capsules. They are focused on providing high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions to patients worldwide. Gnova Biotech is the leading Itraconazole capsule manufacturer pharma company in India that provides this medicine with complete quality assurance at affordable prices. They may focus on generic medications and may have a presence in domestic and international markets.

Alpha Drug 


Alpha Drug is a reputable pharmaceutical company that produces a range of generic medications, including Itraconazole Capsules. They are committed to ensuring their products’ safety, efficacy, and quality. The company is the best manufacturer of anti-fungal capsules in India which is made by following the guidelines of GMP-WHO. This company holds the certification of ISO which allows the company to maintain strict quality parameters in the products and services.

Biobrick Pharma 


Biobrick Pharma is involved in producing various pharmaceutical products, including Itraconazole capsules. They may emphasize innovation and quality in their manufacturing processes. The company has the best team of quality control team experts who put their best effort into manufacturing Itraconazole for the suppliers and distributors in India at the best prices. With years of experience, the company provides unique packaging with on-time delivery.

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals 

krishlarpharma 3

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals likely manufactures Itraconazole capsules as part of its product portfolio and ensures they are affordable, safe, and effective. They may focus on providing effective and reliable medications to treat fungal infections and other health conditions. Being an ISI-certified pharma company in India, Krishlar Pharmaceuticals has its state-of-the-art manufacturing units which are well-equipped and work by following the strict guidelines of GMP-WHO to maintain good manufacturing practices.

Medlock Healthcare 


Medlock Healthcare is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying a world-class range of pharmaceutical formulations, including Itraconazole capsules. They may prioritize customer satisfaction and adhere to stringent quality standards. Medlock Pharma continuously working on new and innovative drug formulations to meet the dynamic needs of the customers. The company has the best team of R&D that devotes their 100% efforts to introducing new medicines at affordable prices.

Mankind Pharma Ltd


Mankind Pharma Ltd was founded in 1995 in India. It is known for making good quality healthcare products that are affordable. One of the important medicines it has is Candiforce, an Itraconazole capsule that helps treat fungal infections. Mankind Pharma has put a lot of money into research and development to make sure Candiforce is very good quality and works well.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd started in 1977 in Mumbai, India. They are known for formulating new medicines and doing a lot of research. Glenmark has a capsule that helps treat different fungal infections well. This company is known for being good at science and caring about patients. They have a great reputation in the medicine industry and are known for leading the way in making new healthcare solutions for people all over the world.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd was started in 1983 in India. The company manufactures a capsule that helps fight infections caused by fungi and is made by the drug Itraconazole. The company has many different medicines for many different sicknesses like mental health, brain problems, heart problems, cancer, and stomach problems. They work to make healthcare easier to get and cheaper for everyone around the world.

Harriet Healthcare


Harriet Healthcare is the best pharma company in India that has a variety of dermatology medicines that include anti-fingal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory. All the medicines are made with the support of the GMP-WHO certifications and then approved by the DCGI. The company is ISO-certified and known as the Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India.


We have mentioned the Top Itraconazole Capsule Brands And Suppliers in India that are provided by the leading pharma companies of India and are highly recommended by top-class doctors and dermatologists for the best results on fungal infections.

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