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About Us
About us


YODLEY aim to develop drugs to enhance the attribute of life and health of patients throughout the nation – innovative and effective medicines which will be offering enormous advantage such as less or zero side effects and best ways of working.

We feel very much proud of our dedicated team members, who make sure that quality and effectiveness of our pharmaceutical preparations are really making improvements in the lives of billions of suffering patients and end consumers through us.

Today, YODLEY stands for quality, competing and crystal clear dealings. These morales have set up our reputation in the industry for a loving and long lasting relationships.






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Why us

Our Certified Pharmacists Are Ready To Serve You 24*7

We follow the highest standards of quality and service with WHO-GMP Plants for 100% efficacy and high market acceptability.

Customer First

Consumers accustomed to excellent customer experiences from online retailers are increasingly raising their technological expectations in all their business transactions. And the digital evolution driving that change is now leading to fundamental shifts in the way health care and pharmaceutical organizations conduct business.


Explore a wide range of formulations in a catalog of over 500+ products. With 100% efficacy, we make products of all categories. We make oral liquid syrups & suspension, oral dry syrup, tablets, capsules, ointments, external liquids, soft gelatin capsules, creams, beta-lactam products, eye drops, ear drops, powder, and a huge variety of products.


We always aim for the highest quality products at YODLEY. Our constantly-growing and satisfied third party customer-base and PCD associates back our ISO, WHO-GMP standard plants. Moreover, we ensure optimum packaging quality as we are aware about the delicacy of the product.

Service & Support

Apart from upholding the responsibility to deliver the highest standards of healthcare service, YODLEY also ensures 24x7 support to our associates and third party customers. Our promotional support enables our business associates to be the frontrunner in the highly-competitive market.

What Client Says

100% Efficacy



What We Do

Yodley is the leading manufacturer in India and the world of tablets, capsules, liquid syrups, dry syrups, injections,. Our wide range of products boasts of assured quality and international standards.

GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Distributor and Franchise

renowned name in the pharma sector in India, Yodley dwells on the promise of scientific processes and international standards when it comes to delivering products and services for patients suffering from various diseases. Our pharmaceutical chain is one of the most trusted and widely circulated in the country, and our focus on quality has earned us the GMP Certification as well. Yodley believes in the power of unity, and consistently partners with various distributors,Pharma Distributorship for the promotion and circulation of our wide-ranging products.

Fastest Growing Pharma Company in India

Yodley is an integrate Pharma Distributorship , and one of the leading names when it comes to the pharma sector in the country. With more than 350 different products, CUBIT boasts of the largest range of products by any company in India. Our significant presence in brands across various therapeutic segments, from cough and cold to life-threatening acute diseases speaks of our wide-ranging expertise. No wonder, FOSSIL is India’s fastest growing pharma company with a robust plan already in place for expansion into new avenues.

Yodley Pharma Distributorship Model

As one of India’s top pharma franchise companies, Yodley stands head and shoulders above the competition. We offer Pharma Distributorship across India that enable our business partners with significant chances for marketplace development and expansion. We help individuals and new Pharma Distributorship as a top Pharma Distributorship provider company,and you will be able to take advantage of several perks, including access to a:

  • Profitable and lesser risk business
  • Rights to a market monopoly
  • There is less chance of brand damages
  • Keeping overhead to a minimum
  • Minimum marketing expenditure
  • Immense earnings and revenue
  • Freedom to run your own company

To explain the business success, we as a pharmaceutical firm,leverage proven marketing and advertising techniques to seek drug franchise companies. Because the investment is modest, company owners won’t have to worry about taking on excessive risk with their funds.

In the event that you are planning to start a pharmaceutical franchise business, Yodley offers the topmost and is the leading Pharma Franchise company in India. Do not forget to check the Pharma Distributorship product list on our website to choose the best products.