PTR and PTS Calculator

PTR and PTS Calculator with GST for Pharma Franchise in India

YODLEY is happy to provide you with PTR & PTS Calculator. With GST, rate calculations for Pharma Stockist and Pharma Retailers have changed. Below PCD Calculator will give you an idea on how to calculate retailer and stockist margin. Here PTR means Price to Retailer and PTS means Price to Stockist. You can also calculate net scheme. For example, if you want to give scheme of 10% then this calculator automatically calculates net PTS and PTR according to the percentage you entered.
MRP excluding TAX = (MRP )/ (1 + (GST %/100))
P.T.R = (above value ) / (1+ (Retailer %/100))
P.T.S = (above value) / (1+ (Stockist %/100))
In order to calculate PTR & PTS, please enter MRP, GST%, Retailer Margin and Stockist Margin in Given form.